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What People are Saying about Allen's and Linda's Speaking Programs


Dear Allen,

I hope this message finds you and Linda well.  I wanted to thank you for your moving speech yesterday at the Cadet Chapel.  I am West Point Class of 1997 and this past weekend I took my godson to West Point as he is interested in attending the Academy.  The service at the Cadet Chapel and your inspiring speech served as the perfect capstone to the message I was hoping to deliver to him during our visit.

Nov. 2011

"On behalf of Navy Region Midwest, Reserve Component Command, I would like to personally thank you for your role as our Keynote Speaker during the Returning Warrior Workshop in Kansas City, Missouri on 5-7 March 2010.  Your presentation of "Code of The Warrior" was highly influential.  The reintegration of Sailors and their families is an important process, and your presence was essential to the success of the weekend.  Your efforts, on our behalf, are truly appreciated.  Thank you for your service to the Navy and to the country."
- CAPT Peter R. Davenport, Captain, U.S. Navy / Commander, Navy Region Midwest, Reserve Component Command

"I can't say thanks enough for your inspiring, insightful and deeply meaningful engagement at our March Returning Warrior Workshop.  Your participation was a moving experience for all in attendance including returning warriors, their guests and fellow facilitators.  I'm most grateful for the testimony of your life and the volumes it speaks beyond the hour of presentation we enjoyed.  A conference that is absent critiques, the most telling response was the spontaneous ovation.  From one of our most seasoned facilitators I received this comment, "I've never seen this kind of reaction from the crowd at a RWW!"  I hope  the recipients of your book and those that will interact with your web site will continue to reap the benefits of your ministry.  Thank you for being willing to share your whole story with us.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again."
- CAPT Peter R. Davenport, Captain, U.S. Navy / Commander, Navy Region Midwest, Reserve Component Command (Personal note following speech)

"I was not familiar with Allen Clark but it seems the committee could hardly have made a better choice for someone who combines patriotism, spiritualism and inspiration."
- James Lynn West, Editor, News Exchange, New Albany, Mississippi

"Allen, I know the messages God has given you are needed in our churches today to restore and to revive our freedom in Jesus Christ as blessed Americans."
- Pastor Gerald Hodges, New Albany, Mississippi

"I was lucky enough to be invited by my son to attend a dinner last night and hear you speak. I cannot imagine the depths of the trials you have been through in your life....I thank you for sharing your story."
- Kevin, Youth Leadership Conference, Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth.

"He was encouraging us not to give up on our goals."
- Student, McAllen,Texas (Rowe High School)

"New Albany will never be the same. Your part in our celebration was vital and you completed your assignment magnificently...old soldier, mission accomplished."
- Phil, New Albany, Mississippi

"I want to thank you for demonstrating the personal strength of a wounded soldier and a healing warrior through your riveting presentation. You could hear a pin drop during your portrayal of Americanism and patriotism through personal achievement and success in the face of tremendous adversity. The 73 students...were filled with awe by your inner strength and courage and may well use you as their model of personal measurement of the strengths and weaknesses of their own leadership capability."
- Colonel Andrew J. McVeigh, U.S. Army (Ret), Youth Leadership Conference, Military Order of the World Wars

"It was a very powerful and passionate talk."
- Marge, Canyon Lake Republican Woman's Club

"I am so blessed to know there are men like you who sacrificed for our country. Your remarks were certainly inspirational."
- Adam, Park Cities Baptist Church

"I heard you at the Dallas Salesmanship Club today. First, I thank you for your sacrifice for me. I don't deserve what you gave up for me. Thank you for the Christian message. We need more Christian warriors like you in our world."
- David

'As I have thought about your most informational, inspiring, and deeply moving speech, the thing that stands out is your honesty and integrity in telling your story that reveals your humility."
- The Reverend Dr. Hugh H. Morgan

"Allen, your presentation on modern miracles in Israel was simply fascinating. The stories you shared with us regarding God's provisions for modern-day Israel were both enthralling and encouraging. ..your message touched their hearts and made them think about their role in God's plan for salvation."
- David A. Dean

"What a powerful testimony. I had tears in my eyes listening to your words...Nobody moved from their chairs. I heard many good comments afterwards. Your speech was well-received."
- Don, Horseshoe Bay Church, Texas

"Many subsequent comments from attendees have confirmed that it was a particularly compassionate and motivating presentation...All in all, your visit to our group was a total hit and your messages have surely changed some lives."
- Scott, Horseshoe Bay Church, Texas

"The students and faculty are raving this morning about your remarks and how you not only informed them but also inspired them.Your message could not have been better received or more in line with what we try to convey to our students here."
- Jim, Scowcroft School of International Affairs, College Station Texas

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"I want to try somehow to put into words how much I enjoyed seeing 'Esther' in New Albany this past Saturday. I was so 'into' Esther's story of her life that I felt like I had been back in the Bible and then stepped back into our world when you finished. I thank you...for sharing such a talent with us truly was a blessing to see and hear you."
- Diane, New Albany, Mississippi

'You were such an inspiration to so many people."
- Carol, New Albany, Mississippi

"The response to your 1st person was overwhelming!! ...What a powerful and mighty talent God has given you. Thank you for using it for Him!!"
- Linda, Church of Horseshoe Bay, Texas

"Linda, you truly captured the weight of one of the strongest women in the bible, Queen Esther. We found ourselves lost in your portrayal of the character, completely identifying with Esther's angst over the weight of her decision to address the king. Your elegance, confidence, and presence were a blessing to those who took advantage of the opportunity to see your thoroughly enjoyable performance."
- David Dean

"Your presentation on Claudia was so moving. You made her so alive and started everyone to think about her and the times she lived. You helped us enter Holy Week with a new insight of the times."
- Grace

"Northway is still talking about your wonderful performance. It was so moving seeing Claudia come to know Christ. This reminded me that Jesus lived and died for each of us as individuals. You are so talented! Thank you for blessing us!"
- Carole, Northway Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

"Thank you so much for coming to EXCEL 32 and sharing your heart with us. We appreciate your passion for impacting today's young people and your willingness to share God's truth with us."
- Audience Member, Dallas, Texas

"After the beautiful Roman woman (Claudia, wife of Pontius Pilate) returned to her Texas, USA, twenty-first century audience, she then showed how she had found all the information that she used to create Claudia on the internet. She had handouts for the audience to help us see what she had discovered in her sources. It was a demystifying experience and I was impressed by her devotion to detail, her skills as a speaker, and this idea of allowing the women into her confidence to see how all that magic was wrought. While she was doing that, I was thinking, 'This required a great deal of real love-that is, love first of all for the Lord.' I could see a strong desire to communicate a depth of feeling. I could imagine what it required of her in time on the internet-the hour upon hour of finding, and then assimilating this material. That is taking it into the mind, and then into the spirit, to create this imagery."
- Maxine Lovern

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